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Genre: Action/Adventure
Created By: Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns
Staring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jessie L. Martin, Tom Cavanaugh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keiynan Lonsdale
Network: The CW
MPAA Rating: TV-PG
Episodes: 23
Synopsis: After creating an alternate universe by going back in time and saving his mom, Barry tries to fix what he broke, which led to the appearance of a new Villain.[/testimonials]

Season 3 Was Doomed From the Start

At the end of Season 2 everyone was excited about the potential in Season 3 given the strong Flashpoint tease and the track record of the show the first two seasons. It turns out that Barry going back in time to save his mother broke more than the universe in the show…it broke the show. The show was clearly not ready to handle such a large concept and throughout the season either through bad writing, bad storytelling or misplaced episodes, The Flash was completly disjointed and was fighting up hill all season.

This show is still one of the better Comic Book related shows on TV and their were some very good things this season. We got Wally getting his powers, Cisco finding a new love interest, and alien invasion and most impressive a trip to Gorilla City and a fight between The Flash and Gorilla Grodd. But those bright spots were few and far between this season and for the most part this show was pretty dark and down when this show is suppose to be the light to Arrow’s darkness.

Things really turned when they decided to goto the future and show us Iris death which basically created a countdown clock to that episode which made most things in between irrelevant. On top of that, the episodes they choose to air during that period were either filler which took away from the buildup or made the charcters look stupid with their decision making. This all culminated with the season finale which was horrible.

They Took the Easy Way Out


This whole season has been about trying to change the future, and Barry being the real villain and with Savitar being revealed as Barry one of those things came true. The second also came true but the show did a poor and lazy job of telling that story. *SPOILERS* Essentially somehow with like 10 mins to go until Savitar kills Iris H.R magically uses Savitar’s claw to find him (which they could have done the entire time) then uses the face switcher to switch places with Iris. This was such a copout and poorly told at that. If you wanted to go with H.R it should have been switched out much earlier and they could have used the scene with Iris and Joe when Iris didn’t remember stuff from her childhood. Also they treated H.R death so lightly and basically just moved on with their life immediately. This is the problem when you put yourself in a corner with a scene like this, the only real way to tell that story is to actually kill Iris and have Barry try and figure out how to bring her back.

Also in this disjointed season finale, Cisco is kidnapped by Savitar, he leaves and somehow Cisco can’t just vibe and use his powers to portal out of there?? Gypsy has to come use the same power he has to get him out.. and before you say he wanted to save Caitlyn he could have taken her with him. Speaking of Caitlyn somehow at the end of the season she magically can control her powers and her voice is not evil anymore, when the whole storyline is her powers control her personality and emotion. Lastly, to defeat Savitar all Barry did was phase through the suit…HE COULD HAVE DONE THAT AT ANY POINT!!!! THATS NOT A NEW TRICK HE LEANRED!!! This was just poor writing after poor writing, and it ended with Barry going into the speed force, which actually does make sense given that he caused everything that happened this season… but its terrible for the character given that Barry Allen is suppose to be a hero.

Time for a New Direction


Going into next Season The Flash needs to do a reset. They have already announced that there wont be a speedster villain next season which is the right decision and to expound on that, they need to do something with the Rouges. The Rouges are the most consistent Flash villains outside of Reverse Flash and they need to be on-screen and working together in Central City espcially with Barry in the Speed Force. Barry should not come out the Speed Force for at least 3 episodes to at least add some meaning to what he did. They definitely should not go back to the alternate Wells trope and bring on a 4th Wells. H.R was the most enjoyable version of Harrison Wells and killing him off should be it for the character except for the occasional appearance of Harry, unless Harry just decided to move to Earth 1.

They need to flesh out Caitlyn/Killer Frost and how her powers work and affect her and what her role will be going forward. She was not really explained at all and it seemed to be written to fit whatever narrative they were trying to tell in that specific episode. Barry has to be written back like the first two season Barry and not take him down the Oliver Queen route. The show is at its best when its bright and vibrant and presenting hope in the face of terror and evil. This season was was a 23 episode downer that struggled to even present that well. Most of all the writers and producers have to know when to put in filler episodes and where to move the story along, while also staying true to the core of the characters. Too often this season the audience was left baffled by decisions the characters were making because it did not fit the narrative. This show is still a must see every week and I have full confidence that the writers will make the necessary changes to the product and Season 4 will get back on track.

The Flash Season 3: Final Take

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[tab]The season of The Flash was doomed from the start and the writers weren’t ready to handle all the concepts they threw out this season. The episodes were misplaced and the writing was suspect throughout. There were some bright moments with Gorilla Grodd, Kid Flash and the Flash Family at the end, but showing us Iris death really pigeon holed this show and the writing was not good enough to make it work.[/tab]