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Season: 2
Episode: 12
Directed By: Rachel Talalay
Staring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker
Synopsis: Barry tries to team up with Dr. Harrison but finds out Harrison prefers working alone. The Flash fights a new meta-human. Iris researches her brother’s drag racing. Dr. Harrison starts stealing Barry’s speed.[/testimonials]

Everyone Needs Someone

This episode was higher in drama and acting than action and I loved it. The storylines of the West family and Harry’s family took a big step to becoming right. The show wanted to tell the narrative that everyone needs someone. Its ok to be independent, and its ok to be angry because of the circumstances in your life but never push away people who care about you, never go into something alone when you have people who care and trust those people to help you get through your issues. Each week this show has a purpose or a narrative to go along with all the cool comic book stuff and this week was not different.

Tarpit looked cool but was kind of Boring



The villain of the week this week was Joey Monteleone a.k.a Tarpit. He is a newer character that got his powers by being seemingly being murdered by getting dropped into a boiling tub or tar at the same time the particle accelerator blew up. He said he was stuck in his tar form for two years but never really explained how he was able to form into his human self. However he was kind of secondary in last nights episode as the family drama and Zoom storyline was the main focus. Essentially Joey was being blackmailed for an account number and was dropped in the tar and became Tarpit. A couple years later he is coming back for revenge on the people who did it to him. Come to find out one of the people in charge are associated with the people running the drag races that Wally participates in. Eventually he is caught by some cool tech that Harry and Cisco came up with and I don’t think we will be seeing to much of him on TV in the near future.

Keeping up with the West’s


Wally West Drag Racing

This week in the West Family drama Wally makes a huge mistake that allows him to let Joe and Iris in his life. This relationship has been interesting because you can see both perspectives. You can relate to Wally who just lost his mom and at the same time found out that he had a father that was willing to love him his whole life that his mother kept from him. He is still a young man and his emotions are making him lash out on Iris and Joe but you could always tell that he just needed the support. As for Joe, he feels like he failed in some way of not being their for Wally even though he had no clue Wally even existed he feel some responsibility. Iris has been the rock and trying to navigate both sides by getting Wally to open up to Joe and to stop drag racing and for Joe to stop trying to be Wally’s friend and to try and be his father. This episode his drag racing came back to hurt him and more so hurt Iris when a piece of debris flew off his car when Tarpit was sabotaging the race and hit Iris in the shoulder. Luckily it didn’t seriously hurt her but Joe and Iris reaction to this accident showed Wally that even though they haven’t been around they are his family and they do care. That #BlackFatherhood and #BlackSisterhood was strong this week. Side note to this, the show did give us all the hints of Wally becoming a speedster. He loves speed, he gets this crazy feeling when he is racing, he wanted to be an astronaut when he was younger….they setting it up dawg its coming… but I think it will be the season finale or more than likely next year.

Harry, Barry, and Zoom

Barry and Harry

The Flash — “Fast Lane” — Image: FLA212B_0066b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

We all know Harry been trying to figure out how to get Barry’s speed and after killing Turtle he finally figured it out. He made a device and put it under the Flash symbol and it worked. Barry had know idea that Harry stole some of his speed, however when Harry gave it to Zoom as predicted he did not get Jesse back. Zoom acted like an addict who just got his fix and needed more and more. Luckily Cisco and Caitlyn figured out that he was slowing down and this version of Harry does have a conscience and the guilt got to him and he told them he stole his speed. Out of nowhere Joe came in and gave Harry that fade. Joe was already mad that Iris was hurt and he went off lol, we lucky Joe didn’t put a whole in Harry’s chest because it was close. But this is why we all love Barry, even though Barry was the person betrayed he more than anybody understood why Harry did what he did and forgave him.

It’s Time for…….Who Is Zoom?????/



This week may have lead some to believe that Zoom is some version of Wally. Because of his obsession with speed, he didn’t talk about The Flash saving him and the anger that he has may lead you to lean towards Wally or Earth 2 Wally. I think this is valid more so with Earth 2 because of the size and Wally seems to be angry because of life and I don’t think The Flash has much to do with that. I’m still going with Earth-2 Henry Allen but next week should give us our most definitive hint because WE GOING TO EARTH-2 DAWG!!!!!

Below is a clip for next weeks episode when we visit Earth-2:

The Flash: Fast Lane

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[list_item]Wally is finally a West[/list_item]
[list_item]Harry is now in the light[/list_item]
[list_item]Love how they are writing Iris[/list_item]
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[list_item]Tarpit was very secondary and not really ever seen as a threat[/list_item]