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Season: 1
Episode: 12
Directed By: Dermott Downs
Staring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood
Synopsis: A parasitic alien attaches itself to Kara and traps her in a world where Krypton was never destroyed, leaving Alex, Hank and the DEO to fend off a Kryptonian attack without her.[/testimonials]

They Went Full Krypton


Kara on Krypton

We finally went there!! Krypton was the center of this episode and it looked great. At the end of last weeks episode “Black Mercy” attacked Supergirl and this week we found out what it was and why it was there. Non needed to get Supergirl out the way so he could enact his plan, but Astra did not want Supergirl dead or harmed so he left Black Mercy in Kara’s apartment. Black Mercy is an alien parasite that puts you in a dream state where you are envisioning your perfect world. The problem is the longer its attached to you and your in that state the harder it is to wake up and if you full accept it you are stuck in that dream world forever. Kara’s dream world was back on krypton as if it never blew up. Her parents were still alive Kal-el a.k.a Superman was older and everything was perfect. The coolest part of this dream was just seeing Krypton and how cool and technologically advanced that society was. The buildings, the transportation, the attire was all futuristic and unique. The show went all out on its CG budget for the Krypton scenes but you can tell because the fights scenes lacked what the Krypton scenes had.

At the end of the day Alex needed to save Kara and went under to join the dream with help from Maxwell Lord. She was able to get to Kara and convince her that the dream was not real and that she was needed on Earth and that she was Supergirl. The tense scene at the end was probably some of the best acting by Melissa and Chyler this entire season. I have really enjoyed the show but Melissa has given some subpar performances and not very much substance to the character but this episode she showed range and an edge to the Supergirl character that we haven’t seen all season.

Non and Astra’s Death


Supergirl beating up Non

After awaking from the dream state in krypton and getting Black Mercy off of her, Kara was pissed. I loved seeing this side of her because this show tries to bring light similar to The Flash as opposed to shows like Arrow or Gotham, but sometimes you need an edge and Melissa did a fantastic job of showing that this episode. She was told that Non did this to her and she took off. Non and Astra were planning some operation myriad (which we still don’t know what that is) and they were about to make their final plans. The best part of this episode was seeing Kara whoop Non’s ass. She was not holding back and Im’m pretty sure she was going to kill him. This show has done a good job of justifying killing at times and even this episode when Martian Manhunter killed Astra we did not think less of him. Astra has been a polarizing character and I was shocked she was killed off this early. Astra was pretty much whoopin Hank and honestly I don’t know if he was holding back or if the show just doesn’t understand Martian Manhunters powers because he is one of the most powerful people in the DC Universe but he continues to get beat up and need either Kara or Alex to come save him. I understand trying to put women in a powerful position and I am all the way for that however stay true to the books or at least make it believable that he looses. Anyway, Alex came and stabbed Astra with a kryptonite sword and Kara got there just in time to say her goodbyes. This was suppose to be the season finally before it go extended and you could tell so it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Supergirl: For The Girl Who Has Everything Final Take

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[list_item]Mellissa turned out her best performance[/list_item]
[list_item]Astra dying makes the rest of the season more interesting [/list_item]
[list_item]Krypton looked great[/list_item]
[tab]Martian Manhunter is not being written very well[/tab]
[tab]Cat Grant is just becoming the mean boss and loosing some nuance to her character[/tab]