Supergirl: S1 Ep. 12 “Bizarro” Review
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While Kara starts a new relationship Supergirl meets her match….Supergirl or should I say Bizarro Supergirl

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Supergirl: S1 Ep. 12 “Bizarro” Review

Season: 1
Episode: 12
Directed By: John Showalter
Staring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood
Synopsis: Kara must deal with a twisted version of Supergirl, while venturing into a possible romance.

Flash/Supergirl Crossover

supergirl and the flash

Supergirl Flash crossover

Before I get into this weeks review I gotta talk about the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover on March 28th on CBS. I told you so lol. This DC tv universe has been so good and now it only gets better that we are getting a cross network crossover. This logistics of this have to be so difficult so the idea that we are getting this in year 1 of Supergirl tells me that we are in for so much going forward. There is no synopsis for the episode yet, but speculation is ranging from Barry running to a different dimension or this being future or past of The Flash or a different earth. All of these are interesting and makes me wonder if DC has a master plan for some sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths movie down the road where the TV “Earth” and Movie “Earth” come together all at once. Just saying that is making nerds piss their pants but its not entirely implausible at this point.

The Hero Relationship Never Works


Kara and Adam on a date

Kara finally went on a date with Cat Grant’s son Adam who is actually being played by Blake Jenner who is Melissa Benoist real life husband and you could tell they had good chemistry. But, Kara is starting to go down the same roads as Barry and Oliver in the sense of having a relationship. In once sense its good to see from an equality perspective where they aren’t making Kara the butt of relationships because she is a woman. Kara like the other heroes feels this responsibility to keep everyone safe and the only way to do that is to push people away. I hope one day they figure out that they are in danger either way so you might as well try and be happy. They also made Adam pretty dumb in regards not figuring out she is Supergirl. First she just leaves abruptly when a accident happens, then she is kidnapped by Bizarro and after that she just shows back up unscathed and unharmed and nobody blinked twice. Thats a bit besides the point but it does point to the writing at this show which is so hit or miss when it comes to the drama. Sometimes the writing is so good and other times its lacks sophistication and realism. At the end of the day Adam leaves National City when Kara breaks up with him and this breakup affects her relationship between Cat and Kara which Kara needs to fix because despite what you may think Kara and Supergirl needs Cat Grant.



Bizarro Supergirl

The main plot point this episode is the woman we saw in Maxwell Lords secret room was actually a clone of Supergirl. It turns out Maxwell had went through 7 Jane Doe’s trying to perfect this cloning process. Cat names her Bizarro Supergirl which is awesome and I love how this universe has a designated person on each show who gives the villains names. In case your not familiar Bizarro was initially a Superboy clone that had a mistake in the cloing process. He wanted to be a hero like Superboy but he always messed things up. He was kind of an innocent soul that was easily manipulated to do bad things. The show did a great job of transferring those character traits to the screen. Bizarro Supergirl still had a lot of Kara inside her but was easily manipulated by Maxwell Lord. By the way how great was Maxwell Lord on this episode. I still don’t know how he got so evil so fast or why he is so hell bent on killing Supergirl but his privilege was on 100. He was so self ritgoues and arrogant. He figured out who Supergirl was and teased them, he made Bizarro attack Supergirls friends knowing she was unstable and even when they arrested him he was full of glee like he had something up his sleeve.

Next week on Supergirl……Check out the preview below..

Supergirl: Bizarro Final Take

  • They did Bizarro pretty good
  • Maxwell Lord is a good at being a villain
  • The setup for next week was pretty scary
Alex is still he worse written character on the show
They made Adam look like such a dummy in regards to Kara

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