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Season: 1
Episode: 10
Directed By: Jamie Babbit
Staring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood
Synopsis: Kara does her best to support Winn when he hears that his father Winslow Schott Sr. breaks out of prison. His father looks for Winn for a reason to become like him. Cat offers Lucy a job working at CatCo and Alex asks Hank to use his powers to find out and uncover Maxwell Lord’s plans.[/testimonials]

Review with Spoilers

This episode of Supergirl was one of the strongest of the year. The show had all the good troupes of a comic book while still being able to express the tenderness and gut punching moments of a TV Drama.

The show kicks off with two contrasting scenes of good and bad. First we see a prisoner breaking out of jail using a yoyo as a weapon which instantly made all comic book nerds excited for seeing another classic villain The Toy Man. The show quickly cut to Supergirl and Martian Manhunter doing flying drills with Martian Manhunter in his natural form. Its been a few weeks but the idea that we get to see Martian Manhunter on the small screen and all his powers (more on that later) is amazing. This scene shows that J’onn has been around a long time as has full grasp of his powers and agrees to help Kara, which I think will come into play later down the road.

We quickly cut to CatCo where Winn and Kara are kicking it as usual and a news report comes out talking about the escape of the know criminal Toy Man. Winn for some odd reason turns off the TV and starts to act weird. We wouldn’t have to wait long to find out why because the FBI quickly came in to question Winn or should I say Winslow Schott Jr. which we found out was his full name and that he was the son of the Toy Man. Winn told the agents he has not had contact with his father since he murdered a bunch of people with trick toys when Winn was a teenager, but he lied about getting a message from his father in a toy on his desk. Kara tells Winn he needs to let the FBI know and not to hide this anymore. Meanwhile Cat Grant invited Lucy Lane to her office and was basically subtweeting her sister only to find out Lucy don’t really mess with Louis like that. Low key Cat was happy about that and offered Lucy a job as her counsel and for Lucy to move to National City immediately.

Meanwhile Hank and Alex are at work. Sidenote, how far of a commute you think Alex makes every morning for work? I am the only one who feels like her job is far as hell from the city. Anyway in a moment of White Privilege Alex want Hank to be J’onn J’onnz all the time. He tries to explain to her he can’t and in the funniest moment of the show Alex says well Kara is Supergirl and uses her powers…….The ultimate straight face moment, completely ignoring that Kara looks like a blonde cheerleader as Hank says and J’onn J’onzz is FREAKING 8 FT TALL AND GREEN!!! Not only that Hank explains to her that he was chased for years as the Martian Manhunter and its best and safe for all people that he doesn’t use his powers that often, and she has the nerve to say “But Kara may need you”. This was infuriating this man just told her people would get hurt and he doesn’t like doing it and all she can think about is her sister WHO HAS FREAKING SUPER POWERS!!! Find out more about Martian Manhunter Below

The two main stories focused around Toyman, Winn and Kara and Alex, Hank and Maxwell Lord. Toyman’s whole deal is that out of all the toys he has built Winn is his best creation and he wants a relationship with his son. But, he is delusional and can’t understand why Winn wants nothing to do with him. Kara is trying to be there for Winn the way he has been there for her but she feels like she is coming up short. Toyman in a great comic book moment or homage to the 1960’s Batman puts Supergirl in a classic trap in quicksand while a girl needs to be saved from dropping in a wood chipper. Of course he doesn’t stay to see his plan through and Supergirl uses her freeze breath to freeze the quick sand and save the “girl” which ended up being a Supergirl doll. Eventually Toyman set Winn up by planting bombs at a toy convention and telling him to kill the guy who caused Toyman to crack. Supergirl shows up at the right time and does the implausible of freezing water to protect the people from a bomb, but it worked. The most interesting part of this story was the aftermath. Where Kara is talking to Winn about how much he has been here for her and she is glad to help and she does not know what she would do without him and of course the dude bro Winn thought it would be a good idea to go for the kiss and Kara’s reaction was priceless. This moment was funny but gut wrenching at the same time because Winn has loved Kara since before she became Supergirl and he thought this was his chance. This has potential to be a turning point for the character because Winn admits that he can’t go back to being hunky dorey with Kara after that kiss because he know she does not feel the same way for him that he feels for her.

Hank and Alex setup a plan to see what Maxwell lord is doing. Alex gets done up (quite well I might add) and goes on a date with Maxwell Lord. She is able to keep his attention and almost seems to fall for him for real even though she knows he is bad. Hank had to use his powers in order to shape shift as Maxwell Lord to get into that secret room to get some information on what he is hiding. The coolest part of this exchange is J’onn using his mind wiping powers but going to far and erasing everything from the mans memory. Maxwell get the security footage of this and plants a camera on Alex purse to find out the Kara is Supergirl.

Supergirl: Childish Things Final Take

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[tab][list style=’regular’]
[list_item]Character building especially between Kara and Winn and Alex and Hank[/list_item]
[list_item]Toyman was a great homage to the comic books including his arcade lair and toy weapons[/list_item]
[list_item]Maxwell Lord is portrayed is a credible villian despite not having powers and is giving no reason to like him[/list_item]
[tab]The Only thing that does not work for me is the amount of time spent on James and Lucy. This seemed to drag a bit and was kind of weird given the fact that they are suppose to be together.[/tab]