Ready for Rogue One

We just got our first look at Star Wars: Rogue One and although brief its incredibly intriguing. From what I can gather Rogue One’s main protagonist is going to be Jyn Erso being portrayed by Felicity Jones. She seems to be somewhat of a troubled teen that has a specific set of skills that would fit into the Rebels plan of stealing the plans for the first Death Star. Rogue One takes place a little bit before Episode IV and it is party of Disney’s new “Anthology” series of Star Wars Films. These films will be separate stories from the main episodic movies that explore interesting storylines and unique and popular characters. Disney has already announced plans to do a Hans Solo film and there is talk of a Yoda film as well. Since the expanded universe has been deemed to be non-cannon these films will go a long way of filling in some of the gaps in the cinematic history as well as expound on some of our favorite characters.


Jyn played by Felicity Jones

This trailer is more of a character trailer in the sense that it does not really talk in to much detail about the plot but gives you a glimpse of the different actors and characters in the film. One that stands out is Forest Whitaker, who appears to be some sort of a bounty hunter, however he is doing the narration which would lead me to believe he will have some sort of a protagonist role or character arc. Rogue One is scheduled to be released December 16, 2016 and I would expect to see a couple more mini trailers and 1-2 full length trailers before the release.

If your a Star Wars nerd this is one of the best times in life, The Force Awakens just released on Blu-ray and we get our first look at Rogue One.