Power Hour Recap: The Gifted S1 Pilot


Season: 1
Episode: Pilot
Directed By: Bryan Singer
Staring:  Abraham Mayne, Amy Acker, Michael James Anders
Synopsis: A suburban family is forced to go on the run when the children are discovered to possess mutant powers..

The Gifted Delivered

Just when we were feeling down on new comic book shows this fall after that Inhumans pilot, The Gifted came through with a strong and compelling pilot episode that setup the universe, the characters and some interesting plot points going forward. The premise of this show is there is a world where the X-men are missing and mutants are being hunted and captured and 2 kids develop their mutant powers even though their father is someone who is not fond of mutants. Meanwhile there is a mutant resistance that is breaking out captured mutants and trying to fight back against the bigotry of the general population.

This show was able to create an interesting storyline, show the capabilities and powers of the characters, setup a clear protagonist and antagonist all in the pilot to engage and audience and get buy in. Brandon and Mike talk about some of the key plot points, the mutants that we have seen so far, where we think the show is going next and how much better this was than inhumans.

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