Power Hour Recap: Inhumans S1 Pilot


Season: 1
Episode: Pilot
Directed By: Roel Reiné
Staring: Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, Ken Leung, Iwan Rheon
Synopsis: The Royal Family is separated and scattered in Hawaii, hunted by the royal guard. Black Bolt is arrested while his brother takes over as King.

This Was Not a Good Pilot

This show lacked all the necessary things needed to get people excited about a pilot, there was little character development, bad effects and because of that showed little of the Royal Families powers. They also spent money on IMAX camera’s that could have went to the effects for this show. Hopefully these issues are just in the first two episodes and is not something that we see for the rest of the seasons. Brandon and Mike talk about all these issues and what they are looking forward to in this season. We are going to stick with the show and keep recording because there is a story somewhere in there but, we are not entirely sure about the ability to execute like Agents of Shield and the MCU movies do.