The Gifted S1E6 got you siX keep up al the greatness that this show has had this year. This is the X-men we have been waiting for from fox for 17 years.

Power Hour Recap: The Gifted S1E6 Got Your siX


Got Your siX show that privilege

Brandon, Mike, and Devin are here to review the newest episode of The Gifted S1E6 got you siX. Once again this show continues to hit on all cylinders and the guys talk about the parallels this show makes to being a minority in this country. Devin calls Mike out at one point and Mike totally gets it. This is what so many of us have waited for from the X-Men Franchise and the show continues to get better each week. This episode Reed takes steps to becoming a better person while still showing some shitty parenting, Kate might have had her worse episode and Jace and sentinel services gets help from a mysterious scientist to help take down the mutant underground.

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