The Avengers are billed as “The Worlds Mightiest Heroes” well The Suicide Squad is “The World’s Pettiest Heroes” or the “The World’s Worse Heroes” and I cannot wait. Last night DC/Warner Bros had a special on The CW where they talked about their upcoming films and released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie (See above).

For those of you who don’t know the Suicide Squad is a group of Ragtag villains who were assembled by Amanda Waller (being portrayed by Viola Davis) to do missions that are so covert and secret that they need expendable people that are willing to risk their lives knowing that if it goes wrong they will be killed. This adaptation of the Suicide Squad members include Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie, Deadshot played by Will Smith, Enchantress played by Cara Delevingne, Captain Bommerang played by Jai Courtney, Rick Flagg played by Joel Kinnaman, Killer Croc played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and El Diablo played by Jay Hernandez.

Suicide Squad

Jared Leto Suicide Squad Joker

Also in this film we see the next adaptation of The Joker played by Jared Leto. This trailer implies a lighter universe than the one we see in Batman V Superman and I expect to get a lot of comedy and insanity from these characters. This trailer is the most detailed to date and the unmistakable sound of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody playing in the background only adds to the excitement and pacing you should expect from this movie.

I would expect to see at least 1-2 more trailers before the release of this movie on August 5, 2016 and hopefully they give us just enough to make this a not miss, but leaves a lot for the imagination. DC/Warner Bros also released released the first footage of the Wonder Woman Solo Film and you can check that out HERE.