#Solo A Star Wars Story – Disney Does it Again (2018)

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Disney Made Some Changes But I’m Still In

After changing directors, flirting with pushing back the release date, a lot of people thought Solo would be Disney first miss in the Star Wars Franchise. And the film has not come out yet so it might be true….but I would not count on it. After seeing this trailer there are really three takeaways. First, Disney is still about diversity and representation and letting people know that there are people of all races in the Star Wars Universe. In this film we get a young Lando played by Donald Glover we get Thandie Newton and what seemed to be other people of color in the film. Disney is not listening to the MRA “activist” and Alt-Right dude bros when it comes to their casting of these films.

The second thing is that this film seems to be action packed. Some complaints of recent Star Wars films is that it was too heavy on story and not action (I don’t subscribe to this critique at all) and that these films need more excitement. Well this trailer seems like it will be at least 100 mins of action and comedy. We see weird creatures, Hans learning how to fly, and people strapping up with guns.

The last takeaway which may be a negative for the film, but one that I think the film can overcome is Alden Ehrenreich playing Hans Solo. Harrison Ford is such a great actor and big personality that Alden comes off a bit wooden in his delivery and manurisums, but this is just a trailer and I have full confidence in Ron Howard to bring the best out of him and make this film work. Also he is surrounded by actors and actresses like Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, Paul Bettany and Woody Harrelson who can more than make up for whatever lack of charisma or charm Alden does or does not have.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi