Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review (2017)

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The Guardians are Back and Funnier than Ever

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 was probably Marvel’s biggest risk and probably their biggest success based on expectations. Marvel took essentially F list characters including a talking tree, a raccoon, and a former wrestler that nobody ever heard off and turned it into a film that made over $750 Million dollars. That film really showed the traction of Marvel films and also showed the connection that the Guardians have with the audience. Fast forward to 2017, the Guardians are well known and expectations are much higher for this sequel than the original and they exceeded them again. This film is 136 mins of non stop fun and hilarity. The colors and CG are amazing and this film fully illustrated Marvel’s commitment to the Cosmic elements of this Universe.

This film picks up where the last film ended with Groot still being a baby and the Guardians now going all across the universe to stop catastrophic events. The basic plot of this film is Star Lord a.k.a Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) finally meets his father Ego (Kurt Russell) who is a supreme being and living planet. The crew gets seperated and try to reconnect with each other while meeting some familier faces as well as some new characters they seem to be a big part of MCU going forward.

Baby Groot and Drax Steal the Show


As a wrestling fan, if you would have told me that Dave Bautista would be successful in Hollywood I could possibly buy that as an action hero. However, if you told me his acting, and comedic timing would be this good so fast I would have called you crazy. Bautista’s version of Drax is so incredibly funny in this film and his ability to deliver his lines and the timing is something to behold. Drax in the comics has always been more of a serious character, that was driven by his vengeance toward Thanos, while that is still part of the character, this MCU version is this overly literal blabbermouth who says whatever pops in his mind regardless of how it comes off or makes people feel. Along with Drax Baby Groot might be the most adorable character in Comic Book history. There are scenes in this film including the opening sequence where so much is going on but the focus either by the audience or the film itself is on Baby Groot. Marvel’s decision to make Groot a baby and commit to it not only makes the film better but they will be printing money from merchandise sales.

Marvel Cosmic is Full Blown


This film is pretty much a standalone film except for the its explorations and full commitment to the cosmic universe. This film introduces some big Marvel Cosmic characters from the comic books and hints at some others that you can safely assume will be a big part going forward specifically in Infinity War. The cosmic part of Marvel was always a risk because it could take these films and make them more nitch by going into really nerdy, outlandish ideas, but the way they have done it makes it maybe the most interesting part of the MCU. When you watch this film and see all the planets, and characters you can’t help but to hope that Fox relinquishes the rights to the Fantastic Four so that Marvel can get the rights to all the major cosmic characters and go full blown. The mid-credit and after credit scenes introduce two of the biggest and most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe and it something that you will be dying to see more of.

I have spoke highly of this film, but there were some issues. The plot takes a while to get where its going and during the film it feels a bit disjointed at times. This film also follows most of the other MCU films, in that the Villain is not a true villain. The MCU gets a lot of flack for weak villains and I would agree with that however, they decided to make their focus on the heroes and the spectacle, and specifically in this film the comedy, the visuals and and acting make up for any of its short comings. This film kicks of 2017 which is a big Super Hero year with Wonder Woman, Spider-Man Homecoming, Justice League, and Thor. Go see this film, it’s absolutely worth it and the 3-D IMAX only enhances the incredible visuals of the Marvel Cosmic Universe.

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