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Season: 4
Episode: 18
Directed By: Rob Hardy
Staring: Steven Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Rickards, Neal McDonough
Synopsis: Oliver and Diggle find out Merlyn wants to break Darhk out of prison; Laurel gets a surprise offer.[/testimonials]

We Finally Find out Who’s in the Casket


We know who is in the casket

Coming off of The Walking Dead finally (which I loved for all the wrong reasons) Arrow writers decided to go a different route with the reveal of a major death and it was a surprise. Like many I thought it was going to be Lance in the grave but I never thought it would be Laurel Lance. This is such an interesting plot twist for many reasons. First, Laurel just started becoming a character people really liked after being polarizing the first couple seasons. He character arc from annoying ex lover, to alcoholic, to terrible hero to full blow Black Canary has been very good. To see her die at the hands of Oliver’s arrow if though it was inflicted by Damien Dahrk was poetic.


Laurel in the hospital

The second big reason is for must comic readers or even fans of the cartoons Green Arrow and Black Canary were always linked and ended up getting married. Similar to Iris and Barry in The Flash, I think most viewers thought that Laurel and Oliver would end up getting back together at some point. Though the show has done some tweaks to the Black Canary character it still seemed destined for them to reunite especially with the recent breakup of Oliver and Felicity. This death hit you like a box of rocks and even the most passionate Laurel haters had to have some dust in their room after seeing Team Arrow and more gut wrenching Quentin’s reaction to her death. It was a great piece of story telling and the drama has been building for months now its time for the fallout.

Circle of Trust


Oliver interrogating Andy

The B storyline in this show is the idea of trust. Andy was compromised by Dahrk and Merlyn and was essentially using Oliver and Diggle to find a missing piece of the totem. Diggle was so caught up in his brotherly bliss that he was missing the obvious. The show has written Diggle this way recently and its been a bit disappointing, but in this case it made sense based on the fact that his relationship just got rectified with Andy and its understandable that he would have a blind spot. Oliver figured this out pretty quickly and even interrogated Andy. Diggle walked in and pulled a gun out on Oliver. This scene was really powerful because the bond of brothers trumps all. The old adage was blood was thicker than water but the writers were trying to relay that Oliver and Diggle are blood and Andy was the water. There has been substance to Diggle and Oliver’s relationship, ups and downs and good times and bad. They have been through it all over the past 4 years and Andy is this utopian dream that Diggle thought he could get back after Andy apparent death.

Now with Laurel dying I think Diggle is going to blame himself and kind off fall off the wagon. Diggle is an emotional character and this death, which he will deem to be unnecessary will weigh on him. Not only was Andy playing him and still alive with Dahrk, but Diggle brought Andy into his house, into his daughter and wife’s life and he could have potentially endangered him. Everyone talks about how trust must be earned not given and this story shows that on both sides of the brotherly coin. I think this is the point that Oliver becomes more heroic and brings Diggle out of this in the way that Diggle has always done that for Oliver.

What’s Next


The Real Black Canary

There are rumors that Katie Cassidy is not done on the show and the fact that we have seen an “Earth-2” we might be seeing that version of the Black Canary. I have a sneaking suspicion that we will see Dinah Laurel Lance the meta-human Black Canary that we are use to in the comics. I’m not sure we will get that this season but certainly next season she will be back. The Black Canary has been around since the Golden Age of comics and is a staple in the DC Universe. Harrison Wells and Jessie Quick will not be the only two characters to stick around on Earth-1 and I think Katie has earned the right to stay on the show.

As far as Damien Dahrk goes… after killing Laurel Team Arrow will eventually be more united than ever and I hope we get another female hero who has some magic background that a lot of us have been waiting to see to help Oliver. Thats probably wishful thinking…however the Damien Dahrk character is phenomenal and despite he utter evil, he tends to be the light in the “Dark” arrow Universe.

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Canary Cry

Arrow Eleven-Fifty-Nine Final Take

[tabs tab_names=’What Was Good|What Was Bad’ initial=’1′]
[tab][list style=’regular’]
[list_item]Complete surprise on who died and very well written[/list_item]
[list_item]Continues to put Oliver on track of becoming The Green Arrow [/list_item]
[list_item]Damien Dahrk is scary and fun at the Same Damn Time[/list_item]
[tab]The writing for Diggle has been a bit suspect[/tab]
[tab]The writers are working to hard to tie-in flashbacks[/tab]