The GOP Debate is still funny but we should still be worried

Last night we had another GOP Debate this time on the Fox Business Network, that was suppose to be centered around business, economy and money which is suppose to be right down conservatives wheel house. However, instead of 2 hours of constructive dialogue on the state of the US economy and how to make it better or different, we get immature bickering between the front runners, constant sexiest and demeaning remarks towards democratic candidates, dodging of important questions and very little substance to any of the responses.

I know your thinking, that sound like a cluster and entertaining tv. Like Love and Hip Hop the GOP Debate is reality TV that is part fake and contrived but also unique personalities put in situations where they react in outlandish and entertaining ways. But, in the past this would be met by ridicule from the political media and distain form American citizens to the point of dismissal. But, in the case of the top GOP Candidates…thats not happening.

Each time the GOP has a debate it is primetime on a “TV” night; meaning a night where people are at home watching TV. The continue to get extremely high ratings and constantly the most outlandish and ridiculous people on that stage (Donald Trump and Ted Cruz) get boost in their approval ratings by likely Republican voters.

Latest GOP National Poll

[quote style=’1′ cite=’’ title=’*NBC/WSJ Poll’]
1. Donald Trump: 33% (up from 27% in an NBC poll from early December)
2. Ted Cruz: 20% (down from 22%)
3. Marco Rubio: 13% (down from 15%)
4. Ben Carson: 12% (up from 11%)
5. Jeb Bush: 5% (down from 7%)
5. Chris Christie: 5% (up from 3%)[/quote]

Going into last nights debate Trump had a 13 point advantage over Cruz to become the GOP Republican Presidential Nominee. Even though Cruz is the quintessential eccentric TV Evangelist, he can’t seem to connect with the conservatives who are voting in these polls. Ted Cruz is not angel and is very problematic in his own right, but he fails in comparison to Trump. On CNN and MSNBC and many other publications they ask the same question, why is Donald Trump connecting with so many Americans. The answer is Racism, Sexism, and Religious Superiority and Intolerance. He has tapped in to something that the world would like to suppress or forget is real and that is the prejudice and bigotry of a lot of people in this country especially in middle america, rural cities and the south. To be fair, when election time comes a lot more people will be part of this process and we may still be dealing with a small subset of the voting population. But, more and more Trump becomes a real candidate and as sad as it sound, he is here to stay. We have reached a point where the Republican establishment is realizing that this is not a fad and is starting to fire back. Gov. Haley from South Carolina during her GOP response speech to Presidents Obama State of the Union she pretty unapologetically denounced Trump as a serious candidate and alluded to him being a part of the problem of the tone and perception of the GOP Party.

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This is why you have to worry if you are a progressive liberal like me or anyone else who is not a extreme right wing/ tea party supporter. Trump is many things but one thing he is not is dumb. He understands that a significant section of this country is racists and prejudice and have been hiding it, and Trump allows those people to be that bigot in public because he is and still has a platform. Most liberals believe the GOP has a lot of those undertones in its party but not as blatant and to the extent of Trump, and when the rest of his party is getting worried that mean they know he is terrible and could possibly be elected. When have you seen a party not want their “most popular” candidate to not be the candidate, its unprecidented.

Meanwhile Dr. Ben Carson has falling way back in the pack (like the GOP every really was going to nominate him) in a similar way that we thought Trump would. Carly Fiorina is desperately trying to hold on by essentially saying “I’m better that Hillary Clinton and I’m not as bad as the rest of these guys” which is failing because the GOP would never nominate a woman, as sad as it sounds. Rand Paul who had the ability to get some moderate and even progressive votes because of some of his libertarian values is essentially off the stage. And Jeb Bush and Chris Christie the most “establishment” of the party are well behind but, I wouldn’t count them out just yet because the leading candidates could likely do something to crazy to drop them back, or when the RNC realizes that they may not be electable in a general election. The most right-middle candidate Gov. John Kasich really never had a chance because he is waaayyy to reasonable to get elected.

So at the end of the day we are not at the end of the world yet so if your like me you can still crack these jokes on the GOP and the debates and laugh and troll all the racists bigots on twitter who support these characters but, in a few months we will know if this is as serious as it seems. Lets just hope its as fake as Donald Trumps hair or Ted Cruz’s personality.