Game of Thrones S7E1: Dragonstone Recap
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Game of Thrones is back and did not disappoint. Dragonstone setup all the battles for the throne while showing the real battle is with the Army of the Dead

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Game of Thrones S7E1: Dragonstone Recap

Season: 7
Episode: 11
Directed By: Jeremy Podeswa
Staring:  Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner
Synopsis: Arya makes her way south. Jon organizes the defense of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Sam adapts to his new life in Oldtown. Daenerys comes home.

We Back!!!

Sooo Game of Thrones Day has come and past and the wait was well worth it. This show has become a national phenomenon and the last two weeks have felt like two months each day getting closer to our favorite holiday. After the season finale last season of Cersei burning down Kings Landing and Danny partnering with the Iron Born to start her journey to the throne, this season premier was must see television and we setup up the entire season perfectly with this episode. We spent time in Kings Landing with Jamie and Cersei talking strategy, we saw Arya doing Arya badass shit, we caught up with Samuel learning more about stopping the army of the dead, we followed Jon and Sansa having disagreements but trying to rule and much more. This season is stacking up to be a sprint to the finish and I expect the rest of the episodes to be full of conflict and toward the end all action.

Winter is Here


Just in case we got caught up in the political drama of Game of Thrones, the show had to remind us that the real threat and the real fight is with the Army of the Dead. It also appears that the “Winter” storm is being controlled or at the very least moving with the Army of the Dead and by proxy hiding their movements. But, the show was sure to show us that one of the Wildlings giants is now a part of the army and that is going to be a problem when they reach the wall.

Speaking of the wall, Brand and Mera finnally make it to the wall and dumb ass Ed does not take them serious. But Brand, showing off his new three eyed raven skills essentially give Ed a detailed description of what he saw and Ed had no choice but to let him in. I think Brand is going to be both a cause and a solution of the the Army of the dead attacking and I expect Jon to get a Raven from the Castle Black soon letting him know that someone claiming to be his brother is here. They made many references in this episode about the wall and how it has lasted forever which is forshadowing that the wall is coming down. I don’t know how the wall is coming down, or what episode, but that wall is going to come crashing down and thats when the game is going to get real.


Speaking of the game, Jon and Sansa were in Winterfell discussing strategy moving forward. Jon, rightfully so, is completely focused on stoping the army of the dead. Jon even ruled that women would fight in the war, which in that time period means this is life and death. Some dude stood up and started to make a sexist argument against that and Lady Mormont shut that shit down. This actress has jumped off the screen since her first scene and she continues to be one of the strongest characters on the show while also being one of the youngest. After that, we saw the first signs of disagreement between Sansa and Jon in regards to giving the castles back to two families that turned on the Starks. Jon’s point was we can’t go into a never ending war with these families especially since their locations are the first two places after the wall, that would need to fight the army of the dead. It seems like Sansa is coming from a good place and she dosen’t want Jon to die like Ned and Rob by making stupid decisions that backfire. If this is going to work it needs to be a joint effort between Sansa and Jon or else Little Finger will try to manipulate Sansa because at the end of the day he wants the power.


Game of Thrones Season 7

Not in the north but closely tied to the fight is Sam, who is at the Citadel, which I must say looks like the coolest library outside of Harry Potter ever. Sam got put on new members duty and essentially had to clean all the old people’s shit and feed them. However after talking about the army of the dead so much he finally found someone there who believes him and he sneaks into the restricted area to get books on the white walkers. Sam finds out that there is a ton of Dragon Glass at Dragonstone (of course) and he needs to let Jon know asap, which will lead to our first Jon and Danny meeting.

Nobody Plays the Game Like Cersei


Lastly we goto Kings Landing where Cersei is still on a high from torching the city. She has her usual outfit fire ass dress and wine while surveying this giant ass map of Westeros. Jamie show some how is still on Cersei side tries to get her to understand that people are coming from her from all angles. Cersei could care less and with the Bars of the episode calls the Sand Snakes “A Brood of Bitches” calls Lady Ollena “An old Cunt” Sansa “A murdering whore” all in one lethal either of her enemies. Jamie still tries to explain that their army can’t fight everyone at once and of course Cersei was prepared for that. The best player in the Game of Thrones to this point has been Cersei and she has already lined up a meeting with Euron to gain an alliance. Of course Euron just wants to have sex with Cersei and become King, he is too stupid to know that Cersei will just use him and spit him out, but she here’s him out and manipulates him into taking out one of her enemies. The craziest thing about Cersei is the two things she thinks are fiction are whats gonna be her downfall, dragons and the army of the dead. Down south they don’t believe in either of those two things and soon enough they gonna learn.

You can click HERE to see a preview of next weeks episode

Game of Thrones: Dragonstone Final Take

  • Setup all the different storylines for the season
  • Emphasized the real threat is the army of the dead
  • Still had some killing in a setup episode
Still some small timeline issues

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