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Season: 6
Episode: 2
Directed By: Jeremy Podeswa
Staring: Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Carice van Houten, Sophie Turner
Synopsis: Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven. Tommen meets with Cersei. Tyrion makes a bold move. Theon leaves while at Pyke new issues arise. Ramsay is a brother. Davos asks Melisandre for a miracle.[/testimonials]

The Wall

I guess we will start with the worse kept secret on television since Glenn coming back…… He Back Guys!! Jon Snow is back, but is he the same Jon Snow. Allier, Ollie and the other assholes came to kill Sir Davos and Jon Snow’s allies when conveniently the Wildlings show up led by The Big Show… I mean Wun Wun lol and they basically say to the crows “I wish you would”. A couple of the crows try them and they get destroyed.

Sir Davos then goes to the Melisandre and ask her if she can do some magic to bring Jon Snow back. Melisandre is clearly loosing her faith and she has very little confidence in what she saw and what she believes. Sir Davos tells her to let go of that doubt, and he does not care about the Lord of Light or any gods what he knows is that she made a ghost baby, and drank poison and survived and he believes in her. The show is turing Melisandre into a sympathetic character and making the audience forgive her for what she did to princess Shireen. It appears that Davos does not know that Shireen was sacrificed before the battle and I think that will be interesting to see his reaction.

Melisandre performs her ritual and nothing seems to come of it. Watching that seen, you think that its know way he comes back this early and even in the context of the tv show, Melisandre is a shell of herself. To pull of magic like this I would imagine you have to be in complete control and confidence in your beliefs and abilities. She was not. After she completes it Jon is still dead, they leave the room and the camera starts to zoom in on Ghost. At this point we all are thinking the same thing and next thing you know, he woke.

It will be interesting to see if they follow up on this next week. Most would assume so, but it will be so funny if they pull a Walking Dead and don’t go back to Castle Black for 2-3 episodes. People will be so mad, but it will just make them want it so much more. I expect Jon Snow to be himself but with a bit of an edge and less naivety. The reaction of Alliser and the rest of the watch will be priceless and I hope he has Melisandre burn Alliser and Ollie alive while Jon Snow say “For The Watch”.



Arya is still blind

Back in Hell Kitchen a.k.a Bravoos Arya still homeless and blind. Lady stick comes back to test Arya again but this time Arya fights. She still gets her ass whopped, but she showed fight. Jaqen H’ghar showed up and asked her three questions. ” Tell me a girls name and a girl will get food” “Tell me a girls name and a girl will get shelter” “Tell me a girls name and a girl will get her vision back”. All three question Arya answered “A girl has no name”. Jaqen seemed satisfied with Arya’s answer and they walked off.

I assume Arya will stay blind for a few more episodes while she continues her training and gets closer to becoming a faceless woman. However this plot line is not giving much to grab a hold to and its kind of a wait and see approach which is not the best because Arya is a lot of peoples favorite character and we are getting very little of her in the show and she seems to be so far removed from the race to the Iron throne that people may loose interest.

The North


Ramsay kills Roose

If we needed a reminder of how evil Ramsay is… we got it. Walda finally gives birth to Roose’s new son and Ramsay proceeds to kill Roose by stabbing him in the chest. It seemed like this was planned because someone was there to corroborate Ramsay’s story and they basically intimidated one of the servants and made him go get Walda and the baby.

At this point I’m saying to myself “there is no way he kills this new born baby”. Wrong!!! Ramsay then leads Walda and the baby boy into the area with the hounds and he lets the hounds out and they eat Walda and the baby. Thats right a baby was eaten by a dog. Ramsay is the worse human being on the show and I did not need this to know it, but when his death comes its going to be so satisfying. I don’t think you can make an argument about Joffery being worse, Ramsay is the king of despicable people and his day is coming. But, it will be interesting to see what happens now that he is lord, Ramsay has been making questionable decisions for someone trying to gain power over the north and I think he is going to try and go for the Iron Throne now and he is not ready to rule on that level. Hopefully Sansa is the one that kills him and before that I hope Theon cuts his dick off and feeds it too him, because thats the only way to make this right.


Balon Greyjoy killed by his brother Euron

Elsewhere in the North, we finally go back to the Iron Islands and we see Yara talking to Lord Greyjoy about trying to save Theon. Lord Greyjoy does not feel it necessary to fight and we are left thinking Yara is the only person who cares about the iron born. Balon then is walking and comes across Euron Greyjoy his brother. They have a intense back and forth and eventually Euron throws Balon over the bridge and kills him in an attempt to become lord of the Iron islands. Yara is distraught but determined to make up for it but we are informed that she will not be names ruler and that a vote will happen.

They are setting up Euron to be the antagonist in this plot line and we should see some interesting interactions when he shows up and talks to Yara. Theon says he is not going to Castle Black with Sansa so I wonder if he makes his way someone to the Iron Islands and if so how will be be received in this fight for power.


Bran having a flashback.

Bran is back and damn is he tall now. Bran is starting to control some of his powers now and we see him having a flashback and we see Leanna Stark. This is the first time we see Leanna which brings credence to the R+L=J theory going across the internet. We also learn the Hodor real name was Willis and that he use to be able to talk. It will be interesting to see what turned Willis into Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I expect to see much more of Bran in the upcoming episodes and eventually see him make it to Castle Black to have that stark reunion with Sansa and Jon Snow.



Tyron is a friend of dragon

We don’t spend a lot of time in Maureen this week however we get a big moment. Tyrion basically explained to Missandei and Grey Worm that dragons need to be free and that locking them up will ruin them. After making a couple dick jokes towards Varys (always funny their interactions) Tyrion goes down to the dragon’s chamber and confronts them. Tyrion told us that Dragons are smart and some say are smarter than people and that they know who their friends are. When Tyrion walks in one dragon was ready to toast him, but he stops and listens. Tyrion explains to them that he is a friend of their mothers and that he will do them no harm. He then releases them from their chains and lets them rome free.

Eventually he will have to let them out of that chamber and fly freely. It will be interesting if they hook up with Drogon and save Dany from the Dorthraki or if something happens to one of them. I don’t think Dany is going to make it to Kings Landing with all three of her dragons, but them trusting Tyrion is just another example of how cool Tyrion is.

Kings Landing


Cersei and Mountainstein

We goto Kings Landing for Myrcella’s funeral and we see that Cersei is not allowed to come based on Kings Orders. Mountainstein was ready to kill all the kings guard but Cersei told him to stand down. We move to the funeral and we get a showdown between Jamie and the High Sparrow. The High Sparrow basically told Jamie that you can kill be but the faith can overthrow and empire. Basically telling Jamie that if they want they can take down the crown. There is a war brewing and its going to happen soon. When Tommen goes to talk to Cersei she was way to calm and seemed like she had a plot that would get back at everyone who ever hurt her. I expect a bunch of stuff to go down in Kings Landing before anybody marches their from the outside.

Game of Thrones: Home Final Take

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[list_item]Worse kept secret came true but its was still great seeing Jon Snow come back[/list_item]
[list_item]Ramsay actions continue to make you hate him [/list_item]
[list_item]We got to see characters we haven’t seen in awhile like Bran and Yara[/list_item]
[tab]Not enough Arya in the first two episodes, but I expect to see more of her upcoming[/tab]