Why So Serious Podcast: Fall Comic Book TV Show Preview


We are back and this time Devin joins Brandon and Mike and we are previewing the fall slate of Comic Book related TV Show returning from last season and a few new premiers.

We Talk About:

Agents of Shield: Season 5


The Comic Book tv show in history is coming back this fall after The Inhumans and we cant wait. We cover a lot of things from last season and what we are looking forward to this season including:
– None of our favorite characters are gonna be the same
– LMD are formally introduced to the MCU
– For a tv show the CG was on another level
– What deal did Coulson make with the demon
– How will Mack deal with losing his daughter?
– How will Fitz and Simmons ever get thing right?
– How did they end up in space?

Arrow: Season 6


Coming off a great season 5 and really a culmination of 10 years in that universe we talk about the season finale from last season and how the show will change this season
– who died in the explosion
– Big bad is Richard Dragon
– The original version of Richard Dragon in DC Comics was a thief-turned-hero with an incredible mastery of a variety of martial arts. The New 52 reboot introduced Ricardo Diaz, Jr., the son of a drug kingpin who trained with the League of Assassins. After killing his sensei and taking on his name — Richard Dragon — the former Diaz went on to become a crimelord and lead a deadly team called the Longbow Hunters. From Guggenheim’s description, it’s clear that Arrow will be adapting the character from the New 52 comics.
– We are getting Deathstroke’s origin

The Flash


Coming off a disappointing season 3 we talk about how the show can fix its issues and move forward this fall. We are also getting a non-speedster big bad this season so hopefully they show can do something new and get back on track.
– How will Barry come back
– The thinker
– Rebounding from bad writing and pacing
– Elongated man

Legends of Tomorrow


A fun show that improved dramatically from season 1 and finally fixed some of the shows issues. Hopefully this fall will continue to be fun and we get some new cool characters.
– much better second season
– Displaced time
– How do they fix it



Improving but still has its issues but looking forward to season 3. THey are getting a new villain who seems like a repeat of last season but I imagine they will do something different.

– Mon el had to leave earth cuz Kara used Lena Luthor device
– Clark is still Clark
– Probably getting Mongul and warworld this season
– Still the most CW show they got
– Calista flockheart is back and she was missed

The Gifted

New X-Men related show with hope and optimism despite the sub par films Fox produces

The Inhumans

Getting bad reviews and bad news around it but hoping for the best

The Punisher

Looks great can’t wait, but the show has some inherit issues given the history of The Punisher in the comics.

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