The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is About To Change Forever

Last night we got our first look at the upcoming Doctor Strange film and it was beautiful. They are still in the post-production stage and some of the special effects and coloring are not finished, but the ones they showed were fantastic. Doctor Strange being played by Benedict Cumberbatch is the master of the mystic arts. This movie will open the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a whole new set of dimensions and abilities. The space that Doctor Strange operates in is so much different and trippy than anything we have seen so far and I imagine his powers and abilities will come into play during Infinity War.


The Ancient One

Doctor Strange Falls a bit Short on Diversity

I would be remised to not mention that there is some controversy over the casting of this film especially the ancient one. Marvel has done a very good job in trying to make their films more diverse especially given the source material being comics from the 1960’s and 70’s but they dropped the ball here. There is an argument that diversity for the sake of diversity does nothing but that is a privileged argument. People of color like to see representations of themselves on screen especially when the setting is in a country that has a strong ethnic presence. I understand Marvel’s hesitance to put an Asian women in that stereotype so they played the safe route and went white. There was really no good option so they should have went off the board with black or hispanic or just owned their history and went Asian. This is not the end of the world and I don’t think Marvel is racist or even being racist, I just think they wanted Tilda Swinton who is a very good actress, but they dropped the ball. Marvel has done a very good job addressing fans concerns in the comics, on the tv shows and in the movies and I would expect them to address this and get it right going forward. People are starting to realize that these books were written at a different time when people of color and women were portrayed differently in media and that they have to find a balance between sticking to the source material and correcting some of those mistakes.

All in all I think most people are excited about this film and I expect it to be better in some ways than Civil War. Doctor Strange is a major character in the comics but not so much in the mainstream. A lot of people will be surprised and shocked when they see the film and fall in love with this part of the Marvel Universe.