Daredevil is Back!!!


The Punisher meets Daredevil

The first trailer of Daredevil Season 2 was Lit!!! The first real trailer was released a couple days ago and I think we are all on board with this. Last season Matt took down the Kingpin and it appears this season he will have to deal with The Punisher and Elektra. The Punisher who is somewhat of an Anti-hero who is willing to go all the way to eliminate people who he deems evil or bad. In the comics he often clashes with other heroes because he has no problem killing and other heroes can’t bang with that. This version of The Punisher is being played by Jon Bernthal, who we all loved to hate on The Walking Dead and he looks like the perfect Punisher.


Our First look at Elektra on Daredevil

Not only do we get The Punisher but we finally get Elektra. Daredevil and Elketra have a long history in the comics and it will be interested to see how they portray her in the series. Elektra in the comics is a skilled assassin trained by the hand and has fought against and with Daredevil on many occasions. Matt ends up falling in love with Elektra but the show may not go that route. √Člodie Yung looks a lot Elektra in the Comics and hopefully in Part 2 of the trailer that comes out we will see more of her and what kind of chemistry they have on screen.


Marvel Netflix Series

Lastly this is kind of the kick off of the second part of Marvels Netflix series and hopefully this season will give us some type of preview of Luke Cage, Iron Fist or a solo Punisher series. Marvel has done a fantastic job with these series and Jessica Jones took this to a new level so Season 2 has a high standard to reach but Im pretty sure it will be great.

If you want some background on the Daredevil Character you can learn a lot from Variant Comics History of Daredevil video Here.