The Year of the Comic Book

Because of all the success of the Marvel films in the past couple years, studios have decided to go all in on Comic Book movies. In 2016 we have 6 huge Comic Book movies and I expect all of them to be done very well. Not only have these movies embarrassed comic book, but they have been well written and able to bring in non-comic book fans and created an excitement and anticipation for the next film. This post is going to give a brief preivew of each of the movies coming out this year starting with Deadpool this Friday.



Deadpool comes out this Friday and is the first Super Hero movie thats Rated R. This movie will be hilarious with a lot of sexual innuendo’s, violence, and some emotional love moments. For those of you who don’t read Deadpool you should, and he is basically an x-rated version of Spiderman mixed with Wolverine. The basic premise of this movie seems to be an origin story of Deadpool and him on a mission to get the love of his life back. Ryan Reynolds is playing Deadpool and this is his chance to make up for that Green Lantern movie that everyone seemed to hate. I think he has the potential to be a great Deadpool and as long as the writers get that Deadpool is a crazy person that has a code this movie should be easy to knock out of the park.


Batman V Superman

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is the second film in the reboot of the DC cinematic universe. This movie is not a direct replica of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. This movie is going to setup the Justice league and basically give you some scope on the DC Universe. Batman and Superman will start out against each other mostly based on a misunderstanding of the motive each has. I believe Wonder Woman will have something to do with them coming together along with the threat that Lex Luthor presents. I expect to see some cameo’s from other members of the Justice League including Aquaman, The Flash, or Cyborg. I know some people are not expecting much from this movie, but I think Snyder has a plan and this movie will deliver. If they just build on Man of Steel and continue to make this universe as vast and interest as Marvel did with their Cinematic Universe than we are in for a very good movie.


Captain America: Civil Way

The next installment in the Marvel Universe is Captain America: Civil War. This story is based on the huge comic book event in the early 2000’s where the government wants to document people with powers and Captain America views this as a violation of his rights. Iron Man is on the side of the government partly because he is already known and feels that this would make the country safe. The movie is not going to follow the comic books exactly but just take the premise of that and translate it to the big screen. The coolest part of this movie is the addition of two new characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man and Black Panther. We have seen a glimpse of Black Panther in the trailer but marvel is keeping Spider-Man out of the previews and making this a reason to go see the movie. I also expect a big setup coming out of the end of this movie setting up Avengers Infinity War.



X-Men Apocalypse is the next installment in the Brian Singer X-Men franchise. To be honest I am not expecting too much from this movie. All his movies have been just ok. They never really feel like the X-men but they tell decent stories. At least this time they are making an effort to make the characters more true to the comic books. Storm looks more like herself and the costumes at least the ones in the previews finally look like X-Men costumes. I will go see this movie and hope for the best, but I expect this to be the worse the comic book movies in 2016.


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad to me is the Wild Card movie. This movie has the least popular characters besides Harley Quinn but it does have big star power with Will Smith and Viola Davis. The Suicide Squad is a group of villains who are assembled by Amanda Waller a government director of an undercover organization that does missions that need to be off the books. In exchange for their service the government resends charges and jail time. This film has the potential to be great with Jared Leto playing the Joker and the cast of characters all with unique personality traits. However, it could flop because of the lack of identifiable characters or trying to put to much in the movie. This movie should be simple and straightforward with a lot of comedy and a lot of ass kicking.


Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is Marvel’s first attempt at magic. The Doctor Strange character is a mainstay and one of the most important and influential characters in the Comic Book universe and it should be fascinating to see him on film. The plot of this movie has not been released but I would assume it would be an origin film because the general public is not really aware of Doctor Strange because he has never really been a part of Marvel mainstream projects.