Character Confidential - History of Black Panther

The History Of Black Panther is Long and Impressive

Brandon, Mike and Devin are back to discus the History of T’Challa the Black Panther. T’Challa has a long and storied history and we go in to depth from his first apperance in Fantastic Four #52 all the way up to the current run writtne by Coats.

We find out that T’Challa is not your typical hero, he is a king an leader and a politician who’s first and most important concern is Wakanda and his people which leads him to make choices that other “heroes” would not make.

Reading List:

Avengers #52
Jungle Action #6-18
Jungle Action #19-24 (Black Panther Vs The Klan lol)
Black Panther (1998) #6-12 – Enemy of the State (Black Panther Vs Iron Man Vs. Wolverine)
Black Panther (1998) #26-29 – Sturm Und Drang
Black Panther (1998) #41-45 – Enemy of the State 2
Black Panther (2005) 1-6 – Who is Black Panther
Black Panther (2005) 18-25 – Storm & Black Panther Wedding
New Avengers 1-6 – The Illuminati
Infinity #1-6 – Thanos invades Wakanda
Black Panther (2016) 1-12

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