Marvel come take my money right now!!! This #BlackPanther trailer got announced out of nowhere and during Game 4 of the NBA finals no less and it is everything we could ever imagine and so much more. Wakanda takes center stage from the little we saw it looks like a panel out of a #BlackPanther comic book. We saw actions, city shots, and many many many black folk especially black women in the Dora Milaje kicking all the ass. We also got to see Michael B. Jordan, Forest Whitaker, and Lupita Nyong’o characters briefly, but the outfits, and culture permeating through the screen. This film is something long time marvel fans and specifically black people have been waiting for. The trailer literally had two white people in it and we saw at least 25-30 different people. This film is being released in February 2018 during Black History Month of course and this film is history. This is the first big budget black film and I expect it to set records and be amazing.

#BlackPanther is so Lit!!!!!!


This trailer showed Lupita Nyong’o, Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright and Phylicia Rashad. Wonder Woman was great and had a bunch of bad ass Amazons and WOC Amazons but #BlackPanther seems to take this to another level. So many people have been waiting for this film and dropping this first trailer this early shows that Marvel is extremely confident in this film and I expect to see another trailer released around San Diego Comi-con time in July. The CGI still needs to be finished but for a first release it looked great and if this is the film that comes out next year it would still be great so it makes me even more excited for the final release and subsequent trailers. I can imagine another film being better or more anticipated in 2018 than #BlackPanther.