During the filming of Batman V Superman there was talk of doing a new Batman Solo trilogy staring and directed by Ben Affleck. So Tuesdays announcement by Warner Bros. Charimen Kevin Tsujihara at CinemaCon should come as no surprise.

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[quote style=’1′ cite=’http://themerex.net’ title=’Kevin Tsujihara’]”It set up a great foundation for our DC slate, which includes at least 10 movies through 2020, I’m also excited to know that we will be working with Ben Affleck on a stand-alone Batman movie.”[/quote]

The interesting part of this is the route DC/Warner Bros. decides to take with these movies. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice did really well its first weekend in the box office, but received terrible reviews by critics, ridicule and anger by fans and had significant drop off in the following weeks. Most would agree, the bright spot in the movie was Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman however his acting and the characters virtues are two different things.

Dawn of Justice the storyline did Batman no favors because it did not explain the reasoning behind some of his actions and they really did not give any reason to care about Bruce Wayne. Dawn of Justice also picked up with a 20 year veteran Batman, which is perfectly find by the way, because everyone knows the Batman origin story and we don’t need another one of them. However, the movie alluded to a lot of things that happened including showing a Robin suit in a case with writing all over it.

With all that being said these films should be very interesting because Zach Snyder is no longer directing and Ben Affleck has shown the ability to tell great stories, especially when its a topic or theme he has a strong interest in. I would expect to see some villains that we have not seen in a long time in film or animated movies like The Riddler, Poison Ivy, and maybe a newer villain like Mr. Bloom. The Riddler is most intriguing because it would bring so levity to such a dark and serious universe while at the same time being the ruthless and despicable as any of the other villains in the rouges gallery.

Next up for DC/Warner Bros. is the Suicide Squad film which comes out this summer. There have been talks about last minute reshoots for that film because of the response to Batman V Superman. Hopefully DC sticks to its guns, while trying to tell a more compelling story and take the L and from BVS and move on.

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