Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Final trailer dropped recently and….yeah Ben Affleck is Batman. I say this in reference to the initial announcement of Ben as Batman was received with mixed reviews. People tend to be stuck in their views of Benn Affleck and nothing was going to change them. But seeing him bust in that room and go one vs everyone and the one being Batman wins was awesome. It looks just like a scene out of Arkham Knight video game. The power, the brute force that tactfulness of the attack was authentic and kin to the comic books.

We also get to see the Batwing as a drone being driven by Alfred!! The Batcave’s modern upgrade with the glass windows and waterfall which was awesome. We also get a montage of fight scenes and random scenes in the film and the most intriguing part is a fight scene of Batman and Superman where Superman goes to punch Batman and he catches his fist. The look on Superman’s face is priceless and makes you think if he has access to kryptonite. Batman is strong in the Mech suit but, I don’t know if that suit is strong enough to catch a Superman punch. Hell we saw a seen where Batman drove the batmobile into Superman and the batmobile just spin out of control.


Batman V Superman

This movie has to follow Deadpool which was fantastic and has to convert some critics of Man of Steel but I think this last trailer does a great job of showing us some new scenes without giving us to much about the movie, while addressing some of the concerns fans have about the actors. Now to be clear all those hardcore fans complaining about Man of Steel and the previews of this movie are going to see it anyway so this is to get people on the fence excited about the film and I think it did.