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Location: Washington, DC
Dates: June 26, 2017 – June 18, 2017
Featured Guest: Stan Lee, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Will Wheaton, Scott Snyder

AwesomeCon Continues to Grow and Become a Premier Comic Convention

AwesomeCon was not everything it could of been this year…. not because of the Con itself.. that was awesome, but because my recorder and memory cards both malfunctioned. I was not able to get interviews, or panel recordings or take a ton of picture of all the great cosplayers. However I were able to get some on my iPhone which don’t represent the great cosplayers we have in DC. But I will go into detail on some of the things I did get to participate which is mostly walking the floor.

This year AwesomeCon was probably the biggest I have seen it and for the third straight year the vendors were fire. From T-shirts to current and past comics to movies and nostalgia items AwesomeCon is second to none with these options. It seems they have a policy for accepting vendors, because unlike most Cons, these vendors were super courteous, had a wide variety of products including diverse products. I was able to get a Jon Stewart Green Lantern Statue and the first appearance of Jon Steward Green Lantern comic. Often times at these cons the toys and statues don’t have a lot of women and POC and this was an exception. Like I said after doing a couple interviews on the floor I realized that my audio recorder and memory card was not registering anything so I was not able to attend any panels like I did in Phoenix, but from my understanding they were great

The one cool thing that I did get to participate in at AwesomeCon was an interactive gallery from the National Science Foundation. they had some really cool informative exhibits for the kids as well as a chance to experience space in VR which was incredible. Being in DC its easy for Cons to partner with organizations like that, but I think more Cons should incorporate and educational exhibit especially those during the school year to help increase attendance.

If there is one thing that I would say is a negative, AwesomeCon should really take as a positive and thats spreading out more. They kind of put all their vendors in one location and had pictures and celebrities on the other side with a big open space, and this Con has grown so much that it became a bit congested. It was hard to figure out which lines for which vendors and created some confusion for the patrons. Outside of that I just wish I had been able to get to more, but sometime equipment is not your friend. For my next Con I won’t let you guys down and I will have backups ready.

I am also creating a youtube page, I will post links to it on here with some audio and video from some panels at Phoenix Comicon earlier this summer.

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