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Season: 4
Episode: 10
Directed By: Jesse Warn
Staring: Steven Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Rickards, Neal McDonough
Synopsis: Oliver must deal with the devastating consequences of Darhk’s last attack. Seeking revenge, Oliver goes on a brutal manhunt looking for Dahrk.[/testimonials]

Who’s In the Grave

After a month off we come back just after the brutal accident that put Felicity in the hospital and we all were thinking back to episode 1 when Oliver and Barry were looking at a grave. This episode took you an a roller coaster ride of emotion and swerves that makes the second half of this season a must watch. And we still don’t know who is in that grave but I have my thoughts.

Felicity’s Injury


Felicity being operated on


I guess I will start off with the best part….WE GOT ORACLE DAWG!!!. Thats right Felicity survived after Damien Dahrk attacked a limo with Oliver and Felicity inside. She went through multiple surgeries and they doctors think she may not ever have full use of her legs again. Now… to be clear I am not excited that Felicity has been paralyzed, but Oracle was one my favorite characters growing up and its glad to see an integration of that character in this new DC TV Universe. It was very somber the entire time in the hospital regarding Felicity but that last interaction we saw with her an Oliver brought some light back in the room and when she said she ain’t going nowhere until The Green Arrow gets Damien Dahrk. That sassiness and feistiness is all I needed to see and can’t wait until she gets back into team arrow and hopefully becomes the leader of that team. Oh yeah..to all of you who are upset because its not Barbara Gordon..grow up!! This is not the comic books there will be some freedom and ability to change characters to fit the shows narrative. This revelations is exciting and lets just hope the shows continues on the path its been on.

Anarchy is Back


The Green Arrow and Speedy interrogating Anacrchy

Oliver got some intel from Lance about where Dahrk’s hideout is and went to investigate. Only to find all his henchman dead an Anarchy’s sign burned onto the wall. Anarchy as you last remember getting significantly burned due to Thea is back and is determined to get revenge on Dahrk for not holding up his end of the bargain on a previous agreement to kill the Green Arrow. Team Arrow hunts down Anarchy and finds out that his main purpose is to kill Darhk and really wants them out of his way. However he has a sick fascination with Thea because he credits her for unleashing this persona. However when Oliver has to leave to the interrogation to check on Felicity Laurel decides to call the cops and he got arrested. Oliver was furious because Laurel is always messing things up(actually I just feel that way…well we all feel that way but I digress) so he had to break Anarchy out of police custody and told him to finish the job with Darhk. Instead he went nuts and took Dahrk’s wife and kids hostage and got ran off by Team Arrow but Thea let him get away so we will be seeing him again.

Dahrk Is Still That Dude


Damian Dahrk and The Green Arrow Face off again

Lastly, Once again Oliver thought it would be a good idea to try Darhk and once again Dahrk gave him some of that old man Strength. But this time Dahrk let The Green Arrow go because he did save his family and as evil as Dahrk is, he does have a code. But, the good news for Team Arrow is part of Dahrk empire is breaking around him. It seems that Diggle finally broke through with his brother and may have an ally who was part of the ghost. Anarchy killed significant people in his group and his family is on the run and anxious to make whatever plan they have go through. On a Macro not, Damian Dahrk and Zoom have been fascinating, cerebral and at times terrifying villains this season and Neal McDonough’s acting has been flawless. You start to get the feeling even though you know better that Team Arrow cannot beat him and the final scene shows you he went so far that Felicity is telling Oliver that he needs to be killed.

That leads me to the big question on everyone’s mind, Who is in the Casket?? A lot of people thought it was Felicity but I never thought that mainly because Barry would not be late to Felicity’s funeral. I think the two best options are Lance or Felicity’s mom. In order for Felicity to be so angry that she wants him dead Dahrk would have had to hurt somebody close to Felicity. Although Felicity and Lance are not that close, Lance is now dating her mom and the man her mom is falling in love with dying would really hurt her. Or Felicity’s mom passing away would be so devastating that she wont goto the grave site so she is in the limo furious and wants Dahrk dead by any means necessary.

Below is a preview to next weeks episode and Legends of Tomorrow starts tomorrow night and I cant wait.

Arrow: Blood Debts Final Take

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[list_item]We possibly get Oracle on TV[/list_item]
[list_item]So many unanswered questions going forward makes this cant’t miss[/list_item]
[list_item]Dahrk is still the highlight of every episode even when he has a brief appearance[/list_item]
[tab][list style=’regular’]
[list_item]The flashbacks this season have really done nothing for me besides Constantine[/list_item]
[list_item]I think Diggle is getting less screen time and no Mr. Terrific[/list_item]