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Season: 4
Episode: 15
Directed By: Jed Whedon
Staring:  Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Henry Simmons
Synopsis: Aida continues to go crazy. And with 4 LMDs in the base cans Fitz and Jemma survive?

Agents of Greatness

I really don’t know what to say. The hour of television I watched last night may have been the best hour in network television history. The ups, downs, twist and turns, the ability to do a Horror show, while simultaneously doing a love story, murder mystery, thriller and science fiction. Jed Whedon’s ability to merge all these genre into 60 mins while rewarding long time viewers and setting up the next phase of the season was masterful. This episode kept you guessing, while also confirming theories and creating new ones. This show suffered great drop off after the first season but has been fantastic since the middle of season 2 and this episode is the crown jewel of the series.

Who is the LMD

From the start, this episode was a Horror movie. You start off with the cliff hanger of 4 Agents being swapped and they want you to believe it was Daisy, Mack, Coulson, and Jeffery. But, you know that we would be able to tell if Daisy was an LMD quickly if she had her powers. Shortly into the episode you get the first twist of Fitz and Simmons seeing a surveillance picture of one of them being an LMD. This creates one of the most emotional charged moments of the show where Fitz and Simmons are trying to figure out who is the LMD. Fitz cuts his wrist to prove it and he bleeds and then snaps back proving he is the LMD and knocks Simmons out. All of the build up between those two characters led to a moment that can’t be duplicated and for me personally satisfying since I called Fitz being an LMD a few episodes back.

Meanwhile Daisy is going to the containment room and she sees and army of Daisy LMD’s and realizes something is not right and takes out LMD Mack and ends up meeting up with Simmons. Daisy and Simmons initially don’t trust each other but in another heart pounding moment Daisy “quakes” Simmons to feel her bones and for Simmons to know that she is real and they embrace and decide to get off the base. They come up with a plan to escape and that leads to one of the best special effects scenes this show has ever done with Daisy creating a quake blast that destroys LMD Mace and Coulson.

Before they can escape LMD Coulson gets LMD Fitz back together. Agents of Shield has a things of tying in all loose storylines and this happens again when LMD Coulson meets LMD May and they have a conversation about reality and love. Its clear that the subconscious of both love each other but one always knew they were and LMD and the other learned it. LMD Coulson has LMD May be the last line of defense to stop Simmons and Daisy but she lets them go. While holding a trigger to explosives LMD May pretty much reveals that she achieved sentient and made a choice against her programming and then proceed to blow up herself and the LMD’s on board.

Agents of Hydra??


While the Agents were figuring out who is an LMD, Radcliffe and Aida were continuing their plan. However Radcliffe soon found out why its never good to make artificial intelligence, because eventually they figure out that you (people) are the real problem and they turn on you. Aida puts Radcliffe in the framework, she also turn the Superior into an mechanical body controlled by a brain. Now she has created this perfect life for everyone and they are all in the framework. Daisy and Simmons figure out the only way to save them is to go in the framework themselves and try and wake up the real people. Agents of Shield basically created the Pleasant Hill storyline from the comics into live action. Our last scenes are seeing Aida creating and LMD of someone (Has to be Ward) and a brief glimpse of the lives of all our heroes in the framework. Daisy is living with her boyfriend or true love….Grant Ward!! Mack seems to be living in the suburbs probably with a family, Fitz seems to be this rich tycoon but we also see that Simmons is dead so we don’t know who Fitz is married to. And the biggest tease for the last arc of the season is we see Agent May in her uniform in a building, then the camera pans out and its a HYDRA building. This show is amazing and its not coming back until April which is a much needed break to recover from this episode and this story arc.

Agents of Shield: Self Control Final Take

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[list_item]This show became the best comic book show ever made[/list_item]
[list_item]The LMD storyline is as scary as it is intriguing[/list_item]
[list_item]Seamlessly tied up loose ends while creating the next arc and set of questions[/list_item]