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Season: 2
Episode: 2
Directed By: Lawrence Trilling
Staring:¬†Haley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Reggie Austin
Synopsis: Peggy discovers her murder investigation has huge ramifications that can destroy her career, as well as everyone near and dear to her.[/testimonials]

A Brief Recap


Peggy and Daniel

This episode was part 2 of the season premier and picked up where we left off wondering if Jason Wilkes was a bad person. We saw him starring at this substance which we later learned is referred to as “Zero Matter”. Peggy and Daniel take a trip to Isodyne energies because they expect something suspicious and meet with Jason Wilkes. He was not completely honest but Daniel jumps to conclusion that he is bad which has a lot to do with race (more on that later). Carter and Wilkes meet up initially for Peggy to get information but they end up connecting and deciding to go steal the “Zero Matter”. While trying to steal the Zero Matter Wilkes is met by Frost as she wants the Zero Matter they drop it and we don’t see them. Peggy thinks that Wilkes is dead but I suspect that he is alive somewhere.

Racism and Sexism


Peggy and Jason

One of the biggest criticisms of season 1 was the lack of diversity in the cast. The show had a built in excuse to not include minorities but yet they still addressed this issue. The introduction of the Jason Wilkes character has already started to address some of those issues. Carter wants to know why Jason is so loyal to Isodyne Energy and tells her about his background and how he grew up and what Im only to believe is south central l.a and that when he got out of school they were the only place to want to hire him as a black scientist and that means something to him. They also have a scene where they need to make a phone call and so they go into this bakery to get some change and the guy working thinks there is something up because this white woman is with this black man. Carter really had no time for the racism but Jason let her know this is what happens and is pretty common across the city. You even got a “boy” from the racist white man which was great. I think that last statement that racism happens to him all across the city is great for viewers who think that racism was just a southern issue and that the north and west were liberal and progressive. Racism was everywhere and I hope this show continues to show that and address that and use it to tell a great story with the Wilkes character and possibly how Daniel evolves.

As far as sexism goes, this show has addressed that since its first episode. This season continues to show how women were basically dismissed as cocks, secretaries, or housewives and Peggy and Dottie being so dominant in their actions and personalities. This season also showed how even women in “power” still are not men with the actress Whitney Frost basically being verbally abused and a victim of sexism even though she is the star of the films and it almost drives her mad and makes her the villain in these early episodes. I imagine she is going to be on a babyface arc and eventually turn good and help Peggy but if not you can still sympathize with her even though you are routing against her. I also believe that the sexism that Peggy has received helps her empathize with Jason’s racism. Peggy seemed really tore up believing that Wilkes was dead and I think Daniel and others will find it odd that she has this connection with a black man and it should create some interesting tv.

Agent Carter “A View in the Dark” Final Take

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[list_item]Addressed criticism of season 1 regarding race[/list_item]
[list_item]Peggy and Jason had great chemistry[/list_item]
[list_item]Sets up many storylines for the rest of the season[/list_item]
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[list_item]none loved this episode[/list_item]