Agent Carter Season 2 Ep. 1 “The Lady in the Lake” Review

Agent Carter Season 2 Ep. 1 “The Lady in the Lake” Review

Season: 2
Episode: 1
Directed By: Lawrence Trilling
Staring:¬†Haley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Reggie Austin
Synopsis: Dedicated to the fight against new Atomic Age threats in the wake of World War II, Agent Carter journeys from New York City to Los Angeles for her most dangerous and bizarre assignment yet.

Peggy is Back

It’s been a year filled with great comic book television content but one of the surprises of last year Agent Carter is back. This time we pick up with Peggy finally capturing Dottie but then being sent to L.A. to help Daniel who is now a Chief with a unique case. Peggy gets to L.A. and meets up with Jarvis who will be escorting Peggy around town.

The Case


A lady was found frozen in a lake in L.A

The LAPD bring in the SSR to investigate a case of a woman frozen solid in a lake in the middle of summer in L.A. When Peggy lands she meets up with Daniel and discuss the different options for this case. This story leads to the SSR investigating a company called Isodyne Energy. Isodyne is clearly hiding something and Peggy is determined to find it. She ends up in a room with a scientist for the company Jason Wilkes who clearly has a crush on Peggy and appears to want to help. Wilkes gives him a lead on the senator Calvin Chadwick who was allegedly having an affair with the woman that was frozen Jane Scott. Peggy meets up with Jarvis to try to get info from Chadwick and his wife Whitney Frost but they become suspicious and give them nothing. Later Peggy, Daniel and the LAPD cop goto the coroner’s office to get the autopsy report when they find the medical examiner frozen to death. Henry then freaks out and realizes he is sick as well and takes Wilkes hostage to find a cure. Peggy and Daniel figure out that Henry was dirty but before he could tell them who put him up to it he was shot by another cop. We later see that cop was paid to kill Henry by Chadwick and Frost.

Meanwhile back in New York Jack is now interrogating Dottie on what her purpose in America is and of course he is not getting anywhere, but then the FBI comes in and ends the interrogation abruptly. The FBI agent also tell Jack to start looking for work elsewhere because the SSR will probably be getting down.

It’s Still Fun


Peggy and Jarvis are so much fun

One of the best things about Agent Carter last year was the fun moments they mixed in mostly between Peggy and Jarvis. Jarvis is such an integral piece to this show because he is the untrained man who feels he has to show his manliness event though he knows Peggy can handle it. But, in some crazy convoluted way he comes through when she does actually need him. Even more than that, Jarvis bring comedy into serious situations and this season meeting his wife Ana who is the most self confident and non typical female character especially for a period piece set in the 1950’s. When Peggy meets her she is so happy to meet her and even surprises Peggy in how real she is. I look forward to their interactions going forward and hopefully she is not a bad person undercover.

Agent Carter “The Lady in the Lake” Final Take

  • Still a lot of fun
  • Excellent job making you feel like its the 1950’s
  • The Peggy and Jason romance is intriguing
  • Episode had a lot of filler because it was a 2 hour debut

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