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Season: 2
Episode: 4
Directed By: David Platt
Staring:¬†Haley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Reggie Austin
Synopsis:Peggy and the SSR discover that beautiful Hollywood star Whitney Frost harbors a dangerous secret, and that she’s more than just a pretty face.[/testimonials]

A Brief Recap

This episode was amazing!!!! The flashbacks, the sexism, the danger all fantastic. It starts off with Peggy and Jarvis doing some spy work to find the guy who attacked her at Howard Starks house. They find the guy kidnap him and take him hostage. Chief Sousa finds out about it and reminds Peggy that they are partners. They interrogate Mr. Hunt to get some information but when they try to act on that Vernon Masters old ass shows up and stops the raid. But, Peggy and Daniel figured out a plan and put a bug on Mr. Hunt only for him to goto Chadwick and Whitney Frost and get killed.

Whitney Frost is terrifying


Whitney Frost with the Zero Matter scar

Whitney Frost if offically terrifying. I mean did you see what she did to Mr. Hunt!! This episode basically told the Peggy Carter vs Whitney Frost origin story and it was fantastic. Her story makes you feel equally sorry for her and scared of her. She grew up in Oklahoma during a time where sexisim was at a peak and a Women’s jobs was to cook, clean and have sex..thats it. Meanwhile Whitney a.k.a Agnes was a genius girl who was into science but had no support to pursue it. Instead her and her mothers whole purpose was to make whatever dude was taking care of them happy. As she got older she got more and more into science and the tipping point was when her mom’s dude left she zapped and showed her that University of Oklahoma did not accept her becasue she was a girl interested in science. And the most chilling scene of the show was when Frost mother took her in the bathroom and said “nobody cares whats inside your head they only care whats on the outside”. That was so cruel but so profound for that time and even today. I think any minority can relate to the fact that you have to be twice as good and you still get half the credit. Fastforward some Frost realizes that she has to use what men want to get what she wants. It hurt a little when she realized she had to play the game and play it well. She used her beauty to get married to a succesful man even though she runs everything from the background and is the smart one. Now we got Frost who is one of the smartest people in the world who everyone looks past becasue she is a women, who has this unexplained substance that gives her the power to essentially remove people from existance. I can’t wait to see how this story progress but this last episode gave you so much understaning of Whitney Frost and you have to be invested at this point.

Peggy Carter Origin


Peggy before her wedding

Just like Whitney Frost the show told a fantastic version of the Peggy Carter Origin. You finally get to see Peggy before she was this badass agent, when she had to pretend to be something she wasn’t. She gets offered a job to be a spy and she knows that what she wants to do but Peggy is so worried about what society would think of her or her D-Bag fiance who thinks she is this dumb woman who has no skills besides that of being a woman. We then meet her brother who knows her, knows she wants to be in the field knows she is a fighter and is discusted by how she is acting and putting on this show for some dude who not even good enough for her. Now we fast forward to see Peggy being ruthless and threatining to kill mr.hunt injecting him with a substance and telling him its a diesease that could kill him. Also my favorite part of Peggy is that she has no chill. She talks to Thompson, Daniel even Vernon any way she likes becacsue thats who she is now. Its ironic that Whitney Frost showed who she was growing up and everybody wanted her to change adn she did to become someone she’s not. While at the same time Peggy hid who she was the whole time growing up and now that she’s an adult she is fully comfortable with who she is and dosen’t hide anything. The dycodomy between Carter and Frost is fantastic and I aspect for them to meet up pretty soon.

Below is a clip for next weeks episode

Agent Carter “Smoke & Mirrors” Final Take

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[list_item]The flashbacks were so well done[/list_item]
[list_item]They showed exactly the affect sexism has on woman[/list_item]
[list_item]Jason Wilkes and Peggy are still the best[/list_item]
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